Sponsored and Consultancy Projects

  1. Deep Learning Approach for Preservation of Cultural Heritage, SERB, Department of Science and Technology (DST), India
  2. An artificial intelligence approach to solve waste management challenges, Ficha Inc., France
  3. Enhancement of Dermo Choice Application- UI Refinement, Computation API and Privacy Policy, CHOWIS, South Korea
  4. Design and Development of Intelligent Algorithms for Analysis and Detection of Obscene Content and Forgery in the Image Available in Social Media Platform, BPR&D, MHA, Govt. of India
  5. GAN Based Medical Image Dataset Synthesis for Desease prediction, NVIDIA(India)
  6. Development of hybrid AI-Powered attacks and its counter-measure mechanisms, Cyber Security Division, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Govt. of India.

Research Projects

  1. Design of and Development of Intelligent Algorithms for Analysis and Detection of Obscene Content and Forgery in the Images Available in Social Media Platform.
  2. Early detection of Lung cancer using Machine learning.
  3. Development of efficient mesh segmentation algorithm using deep learning techniques.
  4. Development of Intelligent Algorithm for Optimal Cloudlet placement in a wireless Metropolitan Area Network.
  5. Development of Decision Support System for Colorectal Cancer Detection.
  6. Melanoma Detection using Advanced Deep Neural Network.
  7. Development of Computer Aided System for Detection of Breast Malignancy using Deep Learning.
  8. Development of Novel Categorical Classification and Object Localization Model on Multi-domain Input using Deep Learning.
  9. Development of CAD system to detect disease from medical images using deep learning.
  10. Development of Intelligent Algorithm for Path Planning of Autonomous Mobile Robot Using Heuristic Approaches.
  11. Detection and Analysis of Copy-move Image Forgery in Digital Images.
  12. Handwritten Character Recognition.
  13. CASIA Image Tampering Detection.
  14. CoMoFoD Image Forgery Detection and Localization.
  15. DCGAN Cifar-10 Image Generation.
  16. Tweet Sentiment Analysis (Word2Vec + Dense Layers, 1-D CNN).
  17. Network Intrusion Detection (EDA, Classification, Supervised Methods , Unsupervised Clusturing).
  18. Exo planet classification (EDA, Feature Engineering).
  19. ATARI Breakout/Pong OpenAI Gym Agent training (Action Space, Agent and Environment States).
  20. Synthetic Image Generation Using GAN.